About Project Propaganda

Art is a form of communication with its audience. Sometimes the message is clear, but sometimes the message is one to be sought. Project Propaganda’s mission is to transform political messages into art as a vehicle to promote, inspire, and motivate change.

In 2012 Project Propaganda is working with a collective of artists to create posters that will raise awareness to the November 6, 2012 elections. On the Minnesota ballot there is a vote on changing the state constitution to limit marriage between a man and a woman which will create discrimination on families. The culmination of the effort of the artists is to create a social media campaign of digitized posters, an art gallery show with the posters created, which will also have posters available for purchase. So not only can people see art and a message; they can also own art, and share the message. All the money raised from Project Propaganda’s efforts will then be used with MN United for All Families.

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